Al Kafaa’s mission is to provide state-of-the-art medical supplies to both the private and public health sectors. Al Kafaa partners with the top international distributors in order to supply our customers with quality medical equipment, supplies, and gas management systems for progressive healthcare solutions.


Al Kafaa has a proven track record of providing unparalleled service to our valued clients. We desire to create lasting partnerships with the world’s premiere distributors of medical equipment, medical supplies, and gas management systems. We provide trusted counsel to our international partners, so that doing business in the Libyan marketplace is fast and painless.


Our fast-growing team of professionals are always on top of the best products in the current healthcare marketplace. We are ready to help you find the medical solutions you need so that you can provide that best quality healthcare to your patients.

Contact Al Kafaa today for modern healthcare solutions customized to fit your specific needs.

“I use Al Kafaa Medical to supply energy equipment and disposable supplies for our surgical practice.  I trust them to provide us with quality products because I know they partner with established companies.  It’s easy to do business with Al Kafaa.  Someone is always ready to help me, and delivery is expedient.  Thank you, Al Kafaa, for making life easier.”
Dr. Hamza YoucifClinic in Tripoli
“Al Kafaa Medical helped us identify the products we needed to benefit our medical practice.  They provided us with video imaging equipment that met our needs and fit our budget.  They were courteous, knowledgeable, and prompt.  They really removed all the stress of decision-making, and our practice is better for it.”
Dr. Ahmed Ali FarajClinic in Az Zawiyah