Over more than 55 years after the implementation of the company AJC in Portugal, we have always guided and directed our activity to the achievement of one aim – the full and total satisfaction of our customers. The progress grants the market a growing role in our industry that becomes therefore more and more demanding.

In order to follow the development we promote the investigation, project and production of competitive equipment. It is extremely important for us a demanding and concerned client that seeks more than just a machine equal to all others. For that reason, it is our duty to bet on experience and productive potential. We have been doing so since 1953, progressing in order to satisfy the needs of our customers and follow the technological advanced.

Today, facing new challenges posed by both national and international markets, the company has strengthened this commitment by focusing on the implementation of a quality management system, certificated by SGS, overruling the proper functioning of the various sectors, and in 2008 was certified on the Design and Manufacture of Medical Devices, including the Steam Sterilizers and Washer – Disinfectors Machines. To be able to share our commemoration, we invite you to visit our company. We want to show you our history, effort, availability and thank you for believing in our work. This way you will be able to evaluate, know, understand and judge.